The Stone Doctor Pty. Ltd. is a company specializing in the maintenance and restoration of natural stone, founded in 2000 by Ruggero Pinto. The company is built on the experience and knowledge of Mr. Pinto himself, an acknowledged industry expert for over two decades.

His dedication to help consumers with their natural stone problems led him to become a co-founder of marblecleaning.org This site aims to solve end user and consumers problems with care and maintenance of marble, granite and limestone floors and surfaces.  The introduction of this site allows specific and valuable advice to customers on all aspects of natural stone from purchasing to maintenance, cleaning and restoration.  The site goes beyond product sales to help each customer to look after their valuable investment in stone.  The site is aimed at everyone who has stone or wants to use stone in their home or building from homeowners to architects and interior designers.

Available is the MB stone care line of products, engineered and used by professionals and consumers throughout the world.  All products are environmentally safe and allow for easy daily maintenance. The company behind MB products is a team of unparalleled professional experts, MB Stone Restoration & Supply, based in USA.