“Stone surfaces should always exude all the natural charm being a unique decorative element and timeless elegance.”

Maintenance of natural stone is not much more difficult than any other material your’re familiar with.  The difference is mostly in the cleaning agents used.  Natural stones – especially calcite-based stones such as marble, travertine, limestone  have a delicate chemical composition that may intereact in strange and damaging ways with the chemistry of cleaning solutions that were not specifically formulated for the task.  Using general household detergents, abrasives, acids or alkali solutions will damage the integrity of any natural surface. Food and drinks can cause staining which may require time consuming work to remove.

MB Stone Care is arguably the very best consumer product line available to the end-user of natural stone installation.

What enable us to make such a bold statement is the fact that our line of products was not designed by a chemist who had available the input of some marketer, like in the case of most competing product lines.  Our chemist input came directly from the ‘horse’s mouth’, Maurizio Bertoli’ himself, with this in-depth knowledge of stone, his incredibly vast first-hand experience at dealing with the gripes and disappoinntments of the homeowners, and his almost eerie ability to diagnose the real nature of the problems and find the most efficient solutions.


Most importantly, we always deliver… Education before any sale!