Floor Care

 MB-1 Marble, Granite and More Floor Cleaner is a ph blanaced, no rinse formulation effortlessly cleans soil and grime and dries with no streaks.  Special inorganic salts in the formula act as moisturizers and opticial brighteners, actually enhancing the shine on the floor.  Also excellent on wood floors, ceramics and porcelain tiles and great for the maintenance of large commercial floors with an automatic scrubbing machine.




 MB-2 Heavy Duty Grout Cleaner is a highly concentrated product that is designed to clean the toughest soils from tiles, grout and all natural stones.  It is a biodegradable, powerful cleaning agent, formulated with the latest cutting edge technology, to clean deep into your grout and any other treated surface effectively and easily.





  MB-11 Marble Polishing Powder is a professional-grade product, yet user friendly thta enables you to polish marble like the Pros!  Ideal to spot repair those strange ”water stains” (acid etching that is) from polished stone floors.  No special tool is necessary.