Maintenance Training Program

Stone Restorations Seminars

With over 20 years of field experience as a contractor, Reg Pinto the Stone Doctor stands as the primary instructor in Australia for stone restoration seminars.   Reg Pinto is currently involved in natural stone restoration, including research and private studies in petrography and chemistry applied to stone; his qualification makes him one of the foremost stone expert in the industry.

This intense four day class goes deep into the core of the matter, making the students understand in layman terms how and why stone polishes, and what to do when stone reacts in strange ways to the mainstream treatments.

Reg’s teaching goes beyond the mere technicalities of this complex trade.  From him you will learn to understand stone and its requirements, the importance of right specification and installation techniques in relation to the future maintenance of the stone, and much more.

The classes are a must have for beginners, as well as established professionals.


Training Program


  • Basic petrography
  • Understanding stone

– How to recognise different stone; marble, granite, sandstone, limestone

– Installation, soiling and cause of decay

  • How to recognise stone surface finishes

– Polished, honed, flamed, tumbled, and other finishes

  • Care and maintenance of natural stone

– Floors, kitchen counter tops, vanity tops, showers

– Introduction ad use of MB products

  • Understanding chemicals and the interaction with natural stone
  • How to recognise and remove stains

– Poultice methods; definition of a poultice

– How to prepare a poultice

– How to remove a stain

  • Understanding sealers

– Stones that should and shouldn’t be sealed

– Realistic performance of a sealer

– Why a sealer is the most promoted and used product in the world wide stone industry

  • How to market stone restoration services

– Understand of the trade by consumers

– Advertising of your services

– Quoting stone restoration

– Legal and technical explanations


Training Room: – Hands on

  • Grinding stone floors

– Marble, limestone, sandstone, terrazzo

– Why floors need to be grinded

– Benefits of a grinded floor

– How to investigate stone floor and addressing problems prior to grinding

– Removing existing grout and replacing

  • Machine and equipment

– Extensive training demonstration

– Which type of machine to choose

  • Introduction to diamond pads for grinding, honing and polishing

– Metal bond sintered diamond pads

– Floor lux fibre pads

– Vacuumed brazed diamond pads

– Resin bond diamond pads

  • Restoration procedures for stone floors

– Grinding, honing, polishing

  • How to restore shower walls

– Remove soap scum, Re-grouting, Honing, polishing

  • How to restore vanity marble and limestone tops

– Remove scratches

– Calcium build up

– Etch marks

  • How to access and repair cracks and chips

– Natural stone

– Engineered stone

  • How to repair steps

– Chips and Cracks

– Profiling edge



  • Distribution of Certificates

Cost – $990.00 (incl. GST)
(includes morning tea/ lunch and materials)